…And the GRAMMY’s went to, Adele!

Our girl stole the show, bringing home SIX GRAMMY awards including:

Adele equaled Beyoncé’s record for the most GRAMMY’s won by single female in one night AND  took the late Amy Winehouse’s record for most awards won by a British female artist in one night.

And the Most Contraversal Award goes too, Chris Brown?

Chris Brown took ‘Best RnB Album’ – ‘F.A.M.E’ who thanked‘God for this Award’

Brown went on to perform twice at the GRAMMY’s, sparking a twitter war with Folk singer Miranda Lambert.

Lambert spoke out about her song ‘gunpowder and lead’ which focus’ on domestic violence and a young girl standing up to her abuser .

The folk singer directed this at Chris Brown, following allegations of his assault against Rihanna saying: ‘ not cool we act like that didn’t happen’ following his performance.

Brown tweeted the reply: ‘ HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY NOW! That’s the ultimate [explicit] OFF!’

The ‘TWITWAR’ goes on.

More victories…

The Foo Fighters took:

‘Best Rock Album’ – ‘Wasting Lines’

‘Best Rock Performance’ – ‘Walk’

Quoting:‘We made this record in our garage with a few mics and a tape machine’

Bon Iver took:

‘Best new artist’ – Telling the audience ‘It was so hard to accept this award’


After writing this post, I feel I am beginning to really understand the differences between the online format and print, and so far, i think I prefer the online format.
I feel it’s a lot more informal, and easy to express yourself, with shorter sentences and frequent headings. I feel writing this way, it easier to get across my personality, as well as clearly and concisely conveying my point.
I’m also enjoying adding pictures to my posts, and I’m proud of my blog, I feel its beginning to come together and look a bit more like the professional blogs I visit.

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