Formative Assessment reflection

Today we had our formative assessment.

This is where Karl (my tutor) and I sat down to assess my personal blog so far and how successful it is.

I was actually pretty nervous!

Karl looked at elements of my blog such as the layout, aesthetics and my content, and told me ways in which I could improve.

The positive points that were picked up on included my presentation. Although my paragraphs were short and punchy and my posts were broken up with headings and pictures, I still needed to improve on this.

I would do this by rearranging my posts so my picture came higher up in the post after my first paragraph or so.

Another element of my blog that needed corrected was my spelling and grammar. This is just something I can go back on before the hand in date, but we also discussed I might be better drafting my posts in a word document and copying and pasting the content into word press. This will make it easier because Word will pick up on spelling and Grammar mistakes and most likely correct them automatically.

This session has definitely helped me, and will also steer me in the right direction for the group task.


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