Group task reflection 1

This week’s session we discussed ideas for our group blog.

In our group would be Camilla Andrews, Aimee Johnstone, Sarah Newlove and Myself.

We had already played around with the idea of a food blog and decided this was a common interest we all shared…we all like eating lots of food!

With us being students we were unsure how we would get around the fact that none of us have the money to gallivant around Leeds dinning in its finest restaurants, nor did we have critic status that would let us trial the food for free. This something we would need to think about further!

We hadn’t even begun, but we were already excited to start blogging! (and about the food).

We had ideas of every week baking cookies and excuse to eat out together…but it soon became apparent, this wasn’t  the reality of the task.

We went away and decided to rethink!


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