Group Task reflection 2

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to this week’s session but I caught up with the girl in my group after.

It was only Aimee and Camilla that were available, so they filled me in on what had been done.

Over the past week in other module lectures we had decided we were going to stick with the idea of the food blog.

Although we didn’t have to money to dedicate to dining out together all the time for our blog, we could however just write about our day-to-day experiences with food. Meals out with family, friends and boyfriends, successful/unsuccessful recipes we tried at home and just blog about deals and promotions we find out about.

Our only concern was that these topics may not be news worthy enough, this is something we would have to come back to as we all began to blog.

Aimee and Camilla came up with the name for our blog being ‘ Eyes on the Pies’ which we all immediately LOVED!

Our target demographic would be non-students, between the ages of 18-30 and live in the west Yorkshire area.

We were ready to start!


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