Group task reflection 3

We now have a fifth member of our group. Sam Iicia an American exchange student who is lovely.

Only problem is we now need to think of MORE ideas to write about.

We’re aiming for 3 posts each a week, so that now a total of 15 posts per week. Because of this we have decided to change our demographics. Instead of just writing based around the west Yorkshire area, we’re now including our home towns/cities and everywhere else.

So far I have written posts on Betty’s tea shop Harrogate, pizza express offers, Get baked Facebook take aways, Starbucks free latte, Crazy Wendy’s, Le Cruset kitchen ware and a piece on links to red meat consumption and increased mortality rates.

I feel I have a good variety of reviews, news, features and events. I’m really happy with how the blog is going, and if it carry’s on this way I will be tempted to continue the blog in my spare time.

We have also decided to use more multimedia sources in our posts, such as polls and videos and pictures.


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