Group Task Report 5

It’s the Easter holidays and although I have already completely the requirements for my group blog, I’m going to add some extra posts.

In previous weeks I have been focusing on primary sources, using my own material and pictures.

This week I have used videos and polls in my post.

I had already created a group you tube channel in order to update a video we made as a group for a previous post.

I uploaded my video that related to the subject matter in my post and found that this gave great appeal to my readers. In less than 24 hours I had already received two like on my post.

I also added a poll. I love this feature because you can gain user generated content and involve your audience.

Together with this I did you one short post wishes our readers a happy Easter. With this I uploaded pictures of all my Easter eggs! What’s a food blog without chocolate at Easter?

I’m very pleased with my progress and the progress of my group in this project.

All ready we have over 1000 hits!!

I’m going to definitely try to keep up with the blog and will be sad to see this module end!


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