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206 dead in Congo Explosion

Around 200 people were killed on Sunday when an arms dump exploded in Brazzaville, ripping apart a nearby neighbourhood in the Congo Republic’s capital, medical and local authorities said, According to Reuters.

This morning the ‘Mail Online’ published, ‘a series of blasts at a weapons depot rocked the capital of the Republic of Congo today killing at least 206 people and trapping countless others underneath collapsed buildings. Those in the capital Brazzavil described the scene, telling of twisted sheets of metal, previously used for roofs and housing, littered the streets, fumes of smoke, feeling buildings shake and the blast having such an impact it threw open doors and windows in the city centre.’

As well as this, patients were said to be crowding into hospitals with injuries from the blast. some with torn clothes, and some suffering from shock. Medics struggled as they attempted to treat people strewn across the floor with injuries.

Associated press publish pictures of the scenes around Brazzavil where the disaster happen.

Wounded: An injured man is treated by health workers at a hospital, after multiple explosions occurred at a munitions depot, in Brazzaville

According to these secondary sources, the exact course of the explosion is yet to be released.


I learnt a lot from this weeks session, I was very unaware as the copyright laws and ‘Fair Distribution’.
However, I like how we could attribute our work to the primary source, as with pieces like this regarding the Congo, I wouldn’t be able to give a Primary source report without going there myself.
I found websites such as Reuters and Associated press helpful, and I hadn’t actually come across these websites before, although I had heard of them, I hadn’t used them.

With regards to the RRS feed and Google reader, this tool is definitely something I am impressed with. I had no idea you could create something like this tailored to you specific wants.

Even when you access new sites like The Mail Online, I find myself sifting through the articles I want and don’t want to read, with Google reader,  its does this for me as I have already specified my interests. I think this will come in very handy for our group work.

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